The oldest and deepest roots of the TripleRoot® company were planted in 1993 out of San Antonio.

Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and a big vision, the Chief Visionary Officer of TripleRoot® - Zachry Godfrey - had only one driving force: to empower and educate merchants so they can make smart business decisions and keep their doors open year after year.

TripleRoot® exists to give merchants a BETTER option, a BETTER future!

TripleRoot® is growing an informed community where merchants can turn costs and fees into residual income.

Will you join us?


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TripleRoot® Leadership

The TripleRoot Team is comprised of strong leaders with an exciting and widely varied range of experiences and expertise. We come together to share one cohesive vision: to equip and educate business owners so they can make smart, profitable, and durable decisions that yield long-lasting success.


Customer Care Center

The US-based TripleRoot® Support Team is professional, friendly, bilingual - and they have all the answers! If you want to learn more about credit card processing and our Interchange Plus program, don't hesitate to call the Support Center or contact them immediately via LiveHelp. Get the answers you need so you can start saving money and eliminating your fees for good.