TripleRoot® offers so much more than bottom-low fees!

If you've already learned about TripleRoot®'s Interchange-Plus Program, you know that we do business differently - transparently.

But what if we told you that we want to take you so much further? What if you could eliminate processing fees completely, and even earn additional residual income to invest back into your business?

Eliminate Your Fees with TripleRoot

TripleRoot® has designed a revolutionary program to do just that.

 STEP 1:  Interchange-Plus

It all starts with the Interchange-Plus Processing Program. Instead of a fixed rate, TripleRoot® charges a minute margin on top of the Interchange fee (the fee that we have to pay to your customer's bank).

That means:

  • TripleRoot®'s small profit is the same for EVERY transaction, no matter what card was used or how the card was processed.
  • You get to save money on all of those transactions that have a low or middle Interchange rate!
  • You can easily look up and understand your rates.
  • Your rates will fairly reflect the hundred different Interchange categories - with NO surprises.

How does the TripleRoot® Interchange-Plus Program compare to what you're paying? Click here to find out!

 STEP 2:  10% Profit Sharing

TripleRoot® will pay you back every month from the net revenues of your own business AND your referrals. The Profit Sharing program allows you to offset your credit card fees and earn additional monthly income for good!

 STEP 3:  10% for Referrals

Share the love! Earn 10% of the net revenues from every merchant you refer to TripleRoot®. The more merchants you refer who have equal processing volume, the sooner you will be able to completely offset your processing costs. Learn more!


Switch to TripleRoot® today!

  • Get rid of processing fees forever
  • Earn extra income
  • Network with other merchants
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