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Other's Flat Fee:

2.6% + $.10

TripleRoot Flat Fee:

As low as 1.99% + $.20

TripleRoot's Interchange:

As low as 0.001 + $.10

Q: What is the Interchange Fee?

The Interchange is a transaction fee that the merchant's bank pays the customer's bank. There are hundreds of different Interchange fees based on the type of card being used and the way it was processed. All fees are determined by the credit card networks. Refer to these links for Interchange Fees: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Q: What is an "Interchange-Plus" Program?

TripleRoot Flat Rate fee is added to the credit card company's own Interchange to give you a reliably low cost. When we pay less, you pay less. You get to save money on the low Interchange rates, not us!

Q: Is there a Monthly Minimum?

Yes, the TripleRoot® Monthly Minimum ensures that you collect a minimum of $10 in monthly transactions and rate fees. If you collect less than $10, you will be charged the difference.

Q. What if I'm happy with my current Processing Service?

TripleRoot® is confident that the Interchange-Plus Program offers the lowest rates available. However, if you would like to keep your current processing pricing, TripleRoot® will match your current rate and still provide you with the ability to start eliminating fees with the Profit Sharing and Merchant Partner Programs.