How much are you paying in credit card processing fees?

No matter how high or low your rate is... it's too much!

The problem is the WAY you're being charged, and the WAY your Merchant Account does business!


Consider this:

What if you found out that your mortgage interest rate was fluctuating from month to month - anywhere from 3.5% to 5.5%. But your mortgage company decided to keep this hidden from you and charge 5.4% every month, pocketing the difference for themselves?

This is exactly what's happening in the credit card industry! Merchant accounts pay an Interchange rate which can fluctuate from 0.05% to 3.25%. So why is your merchant account charging YOU a fixed rate of 2.75%? Why should they get to keep the difference when the Interchange fee is much lower?


TripleRoot® does business differently!

  • The rate you pay is a small flat margin added to the Interchange
  • Whether the interchange rate changes high or low, your rate stays as low as .001 and 10 cents on top of the interchange.
  • When the rate changes for us (TripleRoot®), the rate changes for you.
  • TripleRoot® lets YOU benefit from the lower Interchange rate... because after all, it's YOUR business!

It's the TripleRoot® Interchange-Plus Program, and it's the mostly fiercely competitive and 100% transparent Merchant Account program in the industry today! (Check around - you'll see what we mean!)

Compare our Interchange-Plus Program to what you're paying now…if you dare!