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Get your Fat Rate as Low As 1.99% + $.20 or Interchange Plus as low as .001 + $.10 or Pay 0% with a Cash Discount Program

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Have you ever been promised one low credit card processing fee, only to be frustrated with high mystery fees on your statement?

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2.6% + $.10

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As low as 1.99% + $.20

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As low as 0.001 + $.10

TripleRoot® Rates are:

 NOT a Bundled Rate! 

TripleRoot® offers transparency with a predictable rates as low as .001 and 10 cents on top of interchange.

Most merchant accounts offer a "bundled rate" with one simple percentage rate that they call a "discount." But bundled rate discounts do not apply to all of your transactions, and MOST of your transactions probably do not meet the criteria for the bundled rate.

  • Qualified Rate
    (advertised "low" rate)

    Includes some swiped cards

  • Mid-Qualified Rate
    (1-2% higher than Qualified Rate)

    Typically includes reward cards, key-entered transactions, and debit cards

  • Non-Qualified Rate
    (2-5% higher than Qualified Rate)

    Usually includes all corporate and government cards

 NOT a Flat Rate Fee! 

TripleRoot® adds rates as low as .001 and 10 cents to the base rate, giving YOU the benefit of the Interchange.

This is very different than the "flat rate" fees that are becoming popular. When a merchant company offers a low flat rate of, say 2.5%, they will pocket the benefit of the lower rates of many cards and transactions! And since the average Interchange rate is around 1.77%, their pockets are getting heavier and heavier.

  • They may pay 1.43% on a swiped debit card, while you pay 2.5%.
  • They may pay 1.95% on a rewards credit card, while you pay 2.5%.

Would you rather have a "bundled rate" that charges you MORE for your customers' rewards, or 1 transparent formula - regardless of the card used?

Would you rather have a flat rate that costs more, or gain benefit of lower interchange on most of your customers' cards?

With TripleRoot®s as low as .001 + 10¢ fees, you win every time!

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