Denise Reams White

Managing Director - Junior League of San Antonio

Junior League of San Antonio

"We were thrilled when we were presented the opportunity to change our processing to TripleRoot®. The savings were amazing, which is very important to a nonprofit... but what was even more amazing was the customer service and the real time reporting that allowed us to track all our fundraising transactions easily. We have raved and recommended them to others!"

David Shine

General Manager - Mandalay Oceanfront Grill & Tiki - Key Largo

Mandalay Oceanfront Grill & Tiki

We are opening a new restaurant (Mandalay Oceanfront Grill & Tiki) to add to our Florida Keys portfolio of Fast Food (4 Wendy's), Casual Dining (Island Grill), and Theatre (Tavernier Town Cinema). I wanted to break from the "norm" of merchant services and POS providers to see if there was something new or better on the market. I am happy to share that there is an alternative to excessive merchant service fees and using outdated POS and paying crazy support fees.

After MUCH research and comparison of POS providers (Aloha, Micros, Restaurant Manager, Squirrel, etc.) I have selected Harbortouch for our POS systems. The old way of paying over $15,000 for systems, then paying for each tech support and each unit replacement for about 4 years, then being left with outdated stuff you paid over $20,000 for - is dead!! Since selecting Harbortouch, the process has been easy and fun. They wish to preload your whole menu, prices, seating plan, etc., instead of most providers who wish to load only a few items as samples. The system is server-friendly and makes common sense with a minimum of keystrokes. Best of all is receiving full tech support, full hardware and new software updating and replacement, and only paying a monthly fee instead of capital investment wasted and outdated after 4 years. We will now PAY less over the 4 years and at the end still have the newest on the market!

For merchant services, we shopped quite a few providers such as local banks (First State Bank, TIB Bank), national banks (Bank of America, BB+T, Wachovia, etc.) and other independent merchant services providers (Heartland, Chase, First Data, WorldPay). The comparison was actually very easy, as most of the listed providers work the same exact way - massive fees which total to about 2.75%-3.5% of transactions!!! Any way they present it, any way they break it down, it still comes to bottom line numbers of average cost per average transaction. However, there is someone who is changing the way merchant services work - TripleRoot® Processing. They work on one simple rate processing and bring the bottom line to unheard of levels. After apples to apples comparisons, NONE of the other companies are able to provide cc processing at such a low charge. We are happy to have found TripleRoot® and are in process of converting all the businesses (over $11 million in sales) to TripleRoot®.

Chandra Engelke

Director of Accounting - McKenna System

McKenna System

We switched to TripleRoot® three years ago and never looked back. We are a unique organization and they were able to handle all our needs. Their customer service far exceeds our expectations. I would recommend TripleRoot® to anyone who expects nothing less than the best.

Kevin Klenke

Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental

Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental

I have worked with Zachry Godfrey and TripleRoot® for too many years to count. We have had a great working relationship and they have always put my business's interest !irst. Over the years TripleRoot® has helped us save thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees. It is without hesitation that I recommend Zachry and TripleRoot®.