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Become a Merchant Partner

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Get Access Control Solutions:

  • • Sanitizing Station
  • • POS Systems
  • • Mobile POS Solutions
  • • POS Software
  • • Sanitary Gate
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Become an Independent Business Owner

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Compensation Opportunities:

  • 40% of TripleRoot's net revenue from Access Control Solutions
  • 40% of TripleRoot's net revenue from your Referral Partners, if they have a POS credit card processing solution set up with TripleRoot (monthly residual income)
  • 40% of TripleRoot's net revenue from any TripleShield Solutions (plus any reocurring orders monthly residual income)
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Become a Referral Partner

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By becoming a Referral Partner you will receive 10% of the net revenue TripleRoot makes off merchant processing of your own business every month, PLUS 10% of the monthly net revenues for any business you refer to TripleRoot.

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Get Zetrisil Products!

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TripleShield Products are fast-acting, alcohol-free and are formulated to kill germs, bacteria and viruses on contact.

  • • Kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses
  • • Protection up to 28 days
  • • Environmentally safe